Planer heads

We offer high quality planer heads for both straight and spiral cutting. Aluminum or hydro-grip mounted planer heads are available upon request.

Finger-joint cutters

Finger-joint cutters Viktor by Swedish company Kvarnstrands are produced from the best quality steel providing high accuracy in tenon cutting and long lifetime. The knives are produced from a special HS-N steel grade containing unique powder materials, due to which tooth geometry remains stable within the whole period of service. The knives in a solid block are brazed onto the cutter body, giving the possibility to re-braze the tips in case of breakage or wear-out. The perfect joint cutting and geometry consistency make up the excellent quality of our finger-joint cutters.

Moulding cutters

We supply solid moulding cutters made from advanced HL-N material, as well as the ones with brazed replaceable cutting units. Hydro-grip mounted cutters are available upon request.