AKE started more than half a century ago solely with manufacturing of circular saw blades, but presently they offer a full range of cutting tools and clamping systems. About two thirds of the company’s annual turnover fall within circular saw blades. In 1960-s AKE started producing milling and chipping tools. Today, 80 percent of cutters, router bits, chipping and clamping tools that are produced at Rietberg factory in Northern Germany, are designed upon individual order. AKE has a deserved record of an experienced manufacturer of customized cost-effective tools.

Kvarnstrands was founded in 1939 in Sweden. Kvarnstrands Verktyg AB belongs to Kvarnstrands family and is a leading manufacturer of woodworking tools in Scandinavia, Europe, Russia and Australia. In 2002, the sales company KOS was founded by an alliance of the Swedish part of Oertli Switzerland, and Kvarnstrands sales organization. The company’s main focus is wood industry where they offer tool solutions from the lumber intake to the refined product. All tools are produced on high-precision equipment and only in Sweden. Kvarnstrands brand tools are guaranteed to have the highest quality and accuracy.

Since 1983 TIGRA has supplied the world market with materials for woodworking tools and at present has the most extensive product range in the field. Thanks to long-term experience of carbide manufacturing, the highly automated German production and an internationally structured distribution network TIGRA today has the possibility to provide their customers with the best quality products in the shortest terms. The most important products well-known and used globally, are reversible knives, blanks for profiling, back-corrugated knives, saw tips, planer knives and system planer knives, strips and tips, carbide rods, heavy alloy tool body blanks, PCD and PcBN-blanks and segments. TIGRA constantly works on improvements and innovations resulting in an even more optimal, highly efficient production.

Uddeholm Strip Steel has more than a 300-year-long experience in the production of steel and metal products. Presently the company is a leading manufacturer of cold-rolled steel. More than 90 percent of produced goods are exported globally. In 1886, they produced specifically hardened and annealed cold-rolled steel, which became widely used in band sawing. This technology allowed to achieve high efficiency in the work of wood-sawing enterprises. Steel quality is one of the most important blade characteristics. Uddeholm steel has high strength index, perfect straightness, flatness and elasticity. Its chemical composition is very pure, i.e. contains low number of foreign inclusions, which ensures rather long lifetime of band saw blades.