Planer knives

Straight thin planer knives (2,5-3 mm thick) for planer heads

Available material: HSS, HSS-18%, HW cutting edge, total carbide.

Planer knives

For Centrostar, Centrolock, Enshin, Variplan, Terminus, Tersa etc. systems.

Back-corrugated planer knives (8 mm thick) for planer heads

We can supply straight and profiled knives upon a customer’s drawing. Knife width – 40-70 mm. Available material: HSS, HSS with HW cutting edge.

Reversible carbide knives for planer heads

A wide choice of carbide grades for various applications.

Chipper knives

We supply and produce upon individual orders chipper and flaker knives for woodchippers. To produce them, we use high quality alloy steel.