We offer a variety of grinding wheels for all types of woodworking tools: abrasive, diamond, CBN.


A wide range of carbides of different grades and dimensions for tipping circular saw blades, cutters, knives etc. Cylinder-shaped carbide rods, blanks for profiling, PCD.


Constantly in stock standard Stellite 12 rods, diameter from 2.4 to 6.4 mm.


Various types of toolholders for the most accurate positioning of tools. Set up of a tool is quick, easy and accurate with Hydro-Grip.

With an allen T-wrench the tool is automatically centered and fastened in just a few seconds. With an interchangeable assembly, the sleeve expands and is centered and fixed against the tool and the machine spindle. Thus, the hydro-grip and the tool form a perfectly mounted and centered ready-to-use block. It is highly time-saving.

With the help of Hydro-Grip you can achieve extremely high efficiency with minimum tool beat and wear-off. And with steady performance of tools, one may raise feed rate and spindle rotation speed, preserving the surface finish of a detail.

Numerous customers of ours have already confirmed the cost effect from using hydro-grips!